What is wordpress staging sites, everything you need to know

What is wordpress staging sites, everything you need to know

Your business website or personal site is very important both to you and your valuable customers. It doesn’t matter what kind of web hosting you are using. But a simple error can make your site down and you will lose your clients who went to do business with you in that time. So its important to keep your website live all day and night to give better service to your clients.

A new core update, plugin update or theme update can create any problem in your existing site. So it’s better to test the newly came update in privately or in offline version of your website. That is call WordPress staging sites.

In this small article, I will explain you what is WordPress staging sites, how you will get benefit from it, how to use it and how to create a WordPress staging site using Softaculous in our special WordPress Optimised Hosting. So let’s get started with the new tutorial.


Introduction to WordPress site staging

Simply, WordPress staging site is just a duplicate or copy of your live website. It’s acting as a testing site for any kinds of core updates, plugin and theme updates before implementing them to your live site. It’s natural to get errors from newly released WordPress core updates, theme and plugin updates.

So it can create problem in your live site. In this case WordPress site staging will help you to test newly released WordPress core, theme and plugin update securely by using WordPress site staging feature.

The major benefit of WordPress site staging is they are private and you can run it from your local computer or you can host it online different server or different web hosting account.

When you need to use WordPress site staging?

I mentioned this earlier but here I will explain in details. WordPress site staging is very important for you if you generating income from your site or you provide important informations in your website. Read bellow, I hope you will be clear about WordPress site staging functionality.

If you site generating income from the internet through advertising or affiliating of other companies products, you must use WordPress site staging functions. Because a simple error / bug can down your live site. So in this case, this function will help you a lot to test new functions and updates before implementing them to your live site.

Secondly if you are providing valuable and important information through our website, you must use WordPress site staging feature to do the same as above. After testing all features, you can go live and your users will get new features without any error or bugs that will make you happy as well as your visitors / customers.

Important sites like govt service provider sites, eCommerce site, educational institution website etc need to be live 24 hours. In this case as a developer you must use WordPress staging sites feature to make sure your site run without any problem. This feature will help you to be a real professional in development field.

How You Can Create WordPress Staging Sites Using Softaculous (4 Ultimate Steps):

You have some different ways to create a staging site withWordPress but Mucahost customers have it very easy. You can go ahead and create the staging site using auto installer softaculous very easily. Let’s do it together.

Step – 1: Setup the environment:
At first you have to create a subdomain of your primary domain or create an addon domain. This is the initial part of setting up your staging site. Which method you choose is up to you but both way will work same way. Just in mind that, subdomain is part of your account primary domain but addon domain is like a fully new site. You are also recommended to take a backup of your existing site for your safety.

Step – 2: Creating staging site with softaculous:
Go to softaculous from your cPanel. It will redirect you to the softaculous home page.Now click on the All Installations icon at the top right corner of the page.

wp staging site


Here you will see all wordpress installation under your primary domain.

wp staging sites

Now click on the Create Staging icon to start setting up your staging site.

Step – 3: Completing the installation:
In this step, follow the screenshot bellow and fill up the form with valid data then click on Create Staging button to complete the installation. It will take few minutes depending on your website size and you are done.

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